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April 18, 2010
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This is my first Shadamy story so please leave a comment and tell me if you liked or not .-.(Amy's POV)

    I was walking on the beach, holding my shoes, feeling the sand go through my toes. I was thinking about the days I always used to run after sonic shouting:"MARRY ME SONIC!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Well, I laughed a little, those days are gone. Now I'm seventeen, I grew up and I don't have time to be running after any boy. I sat on the sand near the water, the wind was playing with my quills, that was longer than some years ago.
    I closed my eyes and stayed there, listening to the birds, the water and some steps....  Steps?I turned around and saw a Shadow...I mean , I saw Shadow standing there.
    -Shadow?! What are you doing here?! - I said, surprised, while I was getting up to hug him - Such a long time that I don't see you!
    -That's true... And hi.-He said hugging me back.

    He looked way more diferent than before.... He was staring at me with such strange eyes, blushing, looking down and up... Then I noticed...
    -YOU FU*&@# PERVERT!!WHAT WERE YOU LOOKING AT?! - I slapped his face.
    -I'm sorry..! Its just that... you just look... Diferent... - He blushed again while he started looking at my face. - Where's your hammer?
    -Well...Let's just say i 'killed' it...-  I said with a little smile.
    -I see...So...Where's Sonic? - He asked as we started to sit on the sand.
    -Why should i know? - I said sitting.
    -Weren't you the one that always ran after him?" - He looked at me with indiferent eyes.
    -Those days are gone my poor little friend... I got over sonic, now we are really good friends. Moreover, he is dating Sally.
    -And... You're not sad or angry about it?
    -Nah... Come on Shaddie... You know I'm not that selfish... well, not anymore.
When I looked at him he blushed, I think it was because off the 'Shaddie'.
    -Well, it was good talking to you but, iI gotta go. Tomorrow I have to wake up early and... - I started getting up and he did too - Well, go to my house when you are free, I would like to hang out more with you! - I said while I smiled at him.
    -Sure... I will.
He was acting diferent today, well, he must have changed, that's all.
    -Well it was good seeing you again, Shadow The Hegdehog.
    -Bye... Amy Rose.- And that was the last thing he said to me.
    And so I left the beach. I was feeling strange. I blushed when I thought about the day he left, some time ago. I was starting to fall in love with him those days. Have this feelings returned? I smiled and blushed but continued wallking to cream's house.
"See you later... Shadow."

                                          *****At Cream's  House.*****

    -Hey Amy, I've been waiting for you? Where were you? You are 10 minutes late!-Cream walked to me and gave me a tight hug.
    -Hehe, I'm sorry about that Cream.... It's just that I found Shadow on the beach and.... - I blushed and looked away, for her to don'tt see my face. - Humm... Where's Tails? - I said trying to change the topic.
    -So tell me....Shadow came back? - She gave and evil grin and heard my heart accelerate while I got red.
    -*glup*... Hmm... Oh god! This dress y-you are wearing is new? It's s-so beautiful!!
    -Amy...Don't try to evade the issue... Tell me Amy Rose... Shadow The Hegehog is back.... Am I right? - She looked me in the eye, deep inside she knew I still loved him...
    -Ahhhh!! Enough please!! You monster!! - I threw myself at the sofa and hid my face with a pillow. - Ok... he's back... and I love him!! Done!! I Said it!!
She loughed a little and sat by my side.- So tell him!
    -I can't! I don't even know if he loves me or not!"
    -You have two choices Amy Rose...."On that moment tails got in the room with three cups of coffe. She took one and I took the other.- Thanks honey!.- She drinked and he smiled.
    -I'll leave you two alone.... Good luck with Shad-...You know ! - He left the room.
He heard. Good.
    -You can get closer and closer to him, making him fall for you.... -She continued what she was talking before.- Or...- Another evil grin.- You can try to seduce him!
    -WTH?! - I was shocked with creams words.- You mean... I wear those clothes that are stuck in the body and talk to him using them?!
    -No way I would make that!! - I crossed my arms.
    -Okay so... It's not me who won't have someone to hug, someone to love.- She provoked.
    -What do you mean? - I was confused. What was she talking about?
    -Well, if you haven't noticed yet... Everyone has a couple...Me and tails; Sonic and Sally; Knukles and Rouge... Even Blaze and Silver!"
    I tought about that for a while... Yeah she was right... I was alone...The only one alone. I really wanted to be Shadow's girlfriend, but... It seemed impossible. A tear rolled down my cheek. Alone...
    -Don't cry Amy.... Look at you! You're beautiful! He would be a moron if he didn't notice the diferences on your body!"
    -Yeah.... About that...- I said a bit angry... But happy at the same time.- He noticed.- Red face.
    -He did notice?!- She jumped off the sofa.
I nodded, I blushed more.
    -Awnnnn.. That's a good thing!! Come on Amy we are going shopping!! - She pulled me by the hand while we went out through the door.
    -We have just two hours before your date!
    -DATE?!What DATE?! - I shouted to her and she stopped to explain me her plan.
    -The one you will invite Shadow, you will watch the sun set together!! - She stared at me with such cute eyes.
    -Cream...You never change!
    And there we were...Going shopping.

Well....I had to submit it again 'couse the other one had to many wrong words ˆˆ' sorry for that

Hope you enjoy, and please, leave a comment.
Tell if you liked or not *-*

If a lot of people like so i will continue *-*
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wwwwh May 11, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you ˆ-ˆ
wwwwh May 30, 2013  Student Writer
ZoeyloveShadow Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Great story :)
Thank you ^-^
Flexie-the-Hedgehog Sep 7, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
i loled so much! anyways nice job ^^
hehe i'm glad you liked ^^
Thank you :hug:
shadamyfangirl1 Sep 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
omg that is soooo good the only word you spelled wrong waz laughed
sorry :p i'm brazilian and i'm trying to brush up my english
Correct me if you find any mistakes plz ^^
shadamyfangirl1 Sep 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
oh its okay but i really did like it
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